Periwinkle Blue Pottery Mug/Goblet

Periwinkle Blue Pottery Mug/Goblet


Periwinkle Blue Drippy Mug/Gobblet

This is my new design! I am pretty in love with it. Designing new pieces isn't usually planned. I don't really put aside time to design or doodle, mostly because I am super busy. It usually happens naturally I'm working on another project and an idea strikes. I either write it down or doodle it for later. If I'm lucky I am already throwing and can make a few prototypes of my new idea.

These mugs are a nice size. Glazed in a cool mint and periwinkle blue. Around the mug I put small glass beads into the clay. It's the glass that creates the drippy effect.

Holds approximately 14-16oz

Leadfree, dishwasher and microwave safe.

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